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As we close in on the end of the year, it’s natural to be thinking about the holiday season and all the travel, parties and family fun that comes with it. But it’s also the time to take stock of your finances, decide what’s working and what is not, and what you can do to […]

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5 Money Moves to Make Before End of Year

Staging your home is all about putting the best foot forward for potential buyers. By highlighting its most desirable features, you can draw more interest for your home and leave a lasting impression that is sure to help you sell it more quickly. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you prepare for your […]

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Staging Strategies For Your Home

The early spring through the summer are generally the busiest times of the year for home sales, but the fall can be a particularly advantageous time of year for sellers. With housing inventory dropping off during the fall months, sellers have less competition. That means you can expect higher offers, fewer contingencies, and less scrutiny […]

Seller Tips

Fall Market Update: Is Fall a Good Time to Sell?

Selling your home soon? You’ll fall in love with the advantages! Less competition – Fewer homes on the market = Your home stands out from the rest. Serious buyers – Fall tends to attract more serious buyers, motivated to settle in before the holidays and colder months. Year-end tax benefits – Buyers are usually eager […]

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Advantages of Selling Your Home in the Fall

Selling your home when you still need to shop for a new one can feel daunting to even the most seasoned homeowner––especially when the demand for new homes keeps rising, but the supply feels like it’s dwindling.¹ You’re not alone either if you’re already feeling drained by the complex logistics of trying to sell and […]

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9 Tips for Buying and Selling Your Home at the Same Time

Did you know that not all home renovations increase your property value? Yep, that’s right! Some renovations can even hurt your property value.

Seller Tips

Home Remodeling Upgrades to Reconsider

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How to Create the Most Demand When Listing Your Home For Sale

A comprehensive look at what strategies I take to get your home sold for the highest amount in the shortest amount of time.

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